Divine Creations Landscape and Lighting, LLC

Outdoor lighting

A well-designed and professionally installed Arizona outdoor lighting system can be one of the best investments on your entire landscape and/or pool project.

Divine Creations landscape lighting systems are professionally designed and installed to each client’s custom design specifications and our high professional standards and guidelines. We use state of the art lighting fixtures, transformers, along with proper design and installation result in an outdoor low voltage system that lasts for years!

Common Question: Isn’t a lighting system just a wire running around the backyard with those lights pressed into the wire?

Response: Not anymore and not if done well. Backyard landscape lighting design is very specialized and specific to each site, customer specifications, and budget. Lighting systems are laid out, and professionally designed just like the wiring inside your home. The power source is a great start and great investment for any professional system. Next, zoning the lights (just like inside your home) is critical. We group light clusters into zones that include anywhere from 3 to 15 lights (hallogen or LED), and run an individual wire to each zone. Finally, the lights are installed with waterproof landscape lighting wire splices, that protect the electrical connections from dirt & water (which can result in corrosion & loss of conductivity). The result is a system that will last a lifetime, and create a beautiful extension to your home and reflection of your personal style and lifestyle.

Event Lighting - Divine Creations Landscape and Lighting can help your vision for your special occasion or event become a reality, creating lighting arrangements for your patio or porch for weddings, family events, wintertime holiday gatherings, and any social event. 

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