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Landscape and maintenance

All of the landscapes we create are unique and customized to meet the individual tastes, functional needs, and budgets of our clients. Whether you are seeking a low maintenance landscape, a lush oasis, a child friendly garden, we can work with you on creating a beautiful landscape that meets those needs, while taking into account your budgetary and environmental constraints.

Residential Landscape Design Process:

Site visit & analysis
First we begin with a site visit, where we analyze your property and discuss your needs. This involves walking through the entire property, understanding all the property elements, conceptualizing sense of an outdoor room value of the property, exploring linear versus fluid design options, as well as the ideal plants that would flourish and be sustainable in the environment. During this process, we also work to understand your needs and budget, in addition to what style landscape garden will best represent your tastes, while, at the same time, seamlessly integrate with the natural terrain.

Concept & bid
Bid proposal that breaks down all the aspects of the job, such as a detailed list of all the plants by scientific and common names, linear and square footage of hardscape and softscape areas, materials to be used, estimated quantity and cost including multiple options and phasing of landscape development such that the entire project budget is phased out according to a affordable timeline.

Landscape Construction:

Site preparation & installation
After establishing finish grad, drainage requirements, underground irrigation and utilities, we then move into hardscape construction, which includes the installation of decks, steps, retaining walls, patios, gazebos, fences, ponds, water features, etc. After which we then move into softscape construction, which includes plant design & installation, irrigation, mulching, turf, and lighting.

After the primary work is done, we then move into refining & fine-tuning the final landscape design. This can involve enhancements such as the addition of container planters to add focal points and accents to one’s garden, the addition of sculptures, fire bowls, water sculpture, lighting, anything that relates to the adornment aspect of the design.

Landscape Maintenance:

After the landscape design and construction is complete, we can also provide ongoing weekly, bi-monthly or monthly maintenance options to keep your landscape looking its best year round.  

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